Content Management System

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This is an example of what can be done with a website that is designed and developed by John Pepp. Articles can be added, edited and deleted by anyone who is granted access level. Though the Demo only adds a maximum of 3 articles and does not allow for deletion. The full blown website will allow all 3 and more. The full website will also have javascript where the article text box will be shorten allowing the visitor to expand the text if he or she so desires. Slideshows, Pictures and other bells & whistles can easily be added as well. Right now this website isn't a responsive website meaning that it isn't visually appealing to smartphone and tablet users, but I am very capable of making this a responsive website. The link to DVS corporate website in India can easily be added to the page.

The CMS's login system is hidden and can easily be activated by simply clicking the Header (Top of Page). This way a regular visitor will see just see the website as it is meant to be seen.